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28 FOOT Military C-9 Parachutes  

Wt Limit 254 lbs +, Speed Limit 150 Knts (180 mph) $650.

Not always available

ITEM 10111: 28 FOOT C-9 WITH LINES - New Military Surplus Date of Manufacture 1998, never opened Air Force Issue 28' C-9, 4-Color WITH LINES & riser connector links includes .  Part Number-50C7024-20 C-9, 50E6877-3A, NSN 1670-00-554-6413, 4 Line Release Steering System , $650.00


These C-9 type parachutes are the same ones used in the ACES II ejection seats in F-15, F-16, pretty much all current U.S. jet fighters and personal parachutes in cargo airplanes like the C-130.


The ones I have are manufactured in 1998. C-9's are perfect replacement canopies, and are perfect parachutes to install in new Strong Seat Model 304 Seat, 306 Squadron Seat or the L-39 Back System at reasonable prices. These chutes are unused-still in the original packing. There is no life limit on these parachutes, Shipping Wt 14 lbs, shipping not included. These are tough parachutes, Weight limits 254 lbs +, Speed Limits 180 mph +.


Specs: Type parachute-C-9 Flat circular, Nominal diameter-28 feet (8.5 m), Number of gores-28, Canopy material-1.1 oz. Ripstop nylon. Standard color- Gores 1-10= International orange, Gores 11-20= White, Gores 21-24= Sand, Gores 25-28= Olive green. Suspension line length-22 feet, 10 inch (7 m), Suspension line material- PIA-C-5040 Type III, Suspension line tensile strength- 550 pounds (250 kg)




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