L-39, L-29 Parachute System. This system is designed specifically for use in the L-39, L-29, Marchetti S211. This design incorporates the Russian designed Parachute Harness / Pilot Restraint system found on the original parachute assembly. As designed, this System perfectly replaces the original equipment, while providing the pilot with absolute comfort found on the Strong Enterprises entire line of Parachutes for Pilots. The L-39  Back is complete with Harness/Container, 28 Foot military Canopy, Ripcord, Seat Cushion, Static Line, Pilot Chute Lil Grabber, Manual,  Measurements: Backpad: Width 18", 3" Thick, 19" Long........Seat Container 18" Wide, 12" deep (front to back) , 2-1/2" Thick. Download the L-39 manual. Options | Aerobatic Harness | Color Choices  Recommended Parachutes for your Aircraft click here | Pilot Questions and Answers