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The Mil Spec survival knife has been standard issue for the U.S. military for over 50 years, for paratroopers, Air Force, Marine, Army and Navy Pilots. Now Standard USAF Issue. MC-1 featured an auto-opening 3-inch clip-point utility blade, and a folding parachute shroud line and webbing cutter. Overall length is 7-1/4", closed is 4-1/4", the blade is 420 HC Stainless with plastic handle. a folding parachute “shroud-line cutter ".




CO-M-7240R-00724 GSA AUTO RESCUE KNIFE - ORANGE HANDLE $90.00 + $15 UPS Shipping

Approved by the U.S. Military and built to government specifications, each of these versatile knives feature multi-function blades.
This Military Spec. item features a push button opening with lock, a shroud cutter and clevis. The MC-1 has been a standard issue with the U.S. Paratroopers for years. 
Blade Length:: 3" Clip
Overall Length:: 7-1/4"
Closed Length:: 4-1/4"
Blade Steel:: 420 HC Stainless
Handle Material:: Plastic



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