Parachute Hardware & Options




Capewell Canopy Releases allow the canopy to be disconnected from the harness. If you fly in areas where high ground winds are common you may want to consider this option. Capewells will allow you to release the canopy to avoid being drug across the ground after landing.
NOTE: The harness main lift web is non-adjustable when Capewells are installed.

Capewell Harness Option: $275.00

B-12 Snaps come as standard legstrap hardware on all Softie's.



No additional charge for B-12 Snaps Option

Thread Thru Adaptors are the flattest and lightest of the connectors we offer. For a pilot that is interested in minimizing weight and bulk, thread thru adaptors are an excellent choice.
No additional charge for Thread Thru Option
Quick Ejectors (Same as Military Quick Ejectors) allows for fast, easy, two finger release of the harness attachment  points. Quick ejectors offer great way to get out of your harness under a load, however, it is important to know they are bulkiest and heaviest of all the connector hardware we offer.
Single Quick Ejector on Chest Strap: $35.00
Quick Ejectors on leg straps (2): $50.00