Selling your rig Policy

Sell your gear Policy: By utilizing my extensive e-mail waiting list and popular web site, and many overseas foreign contacts, I have been able to help many people sell their used gear.  One important selling advantage - selling your gear through the Parachute Shop...we take credit cards, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfers. 

We have found that most people, when purchasing gear, pay with their credit card.

Terms: We take a 15% commission for all gear which we are able to sell for you (minimum of 50.00 per item). Any Credit Card fees are paid buy the seller. Any required maintenance for airworthiness (e.g. new Cypres batteries) is charged to you. Because of our purchase guarantee, be aware that it can take up to 3 weeks after the sale for you to receive your money. 

We give the customer 10 days to decide if he wants to keep the equipment and then we pay at our next payment cycle. Because many people buy their gear on impulse and usually want to jump it that same weekend, we require that the gear is here for us to sell it.  Some people ask to test jump the gear.  This decision is mine. I will use our best judgment to determine whether someone is capable of safely using your equipment.  If you are selling a Harness/Container with a reserve, the reserve must be in-date before it can be test jumped, the buyer pays for the reserve and/or main repack.

All parachutes skydiving gear must be at the Parachute Shop.