Unique Features of the Vector 3

The following is a list of features that set the Vector 3 apart from other container systems. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further elaboration regarding these attributes.
Pro-Fit Harness
This is a state-of-the-art harness system that contours the jumper's body for a glove like fit, while allowing maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
The contoured yoke brings the harness over the shoulders and curves inward over the chest, which provides the most efficient placement of the emergency handles. This design also prevents the harness from slipping off narrow shoulders.
Chest Strap
Our double Type 8 chest strap is designed to provide the maximum in upper harness protection while complimenting the contoured yoke and protecting the cable housings.
Back Pad
This is the foundation of the Pro-Fit Harness. It allows maximum upper body mobility without compromising total body fit.
Housing Guides
Our guides provide a clean channel for the housings to float upward during high load situations. These guides also make it very difficult to misroute the breakaway cables.
Breakaway Housings
Our flexible housings are the first step in preventing hard pulls during cutaways. The upward float allowance provided by these housings significantly reduces the chance of hard cutaways. This system ensures there is no adverse pressure on the cutaway cable, allowing for a clean, quick release.
External Riser Covers
These tuck-tab riser covers utilize the most successful tab/pocket design on the market. Years of extensive research and development (and thousands of jumps) with Arizona Airspeed, Patrick De Gayardon, Eric Fradet, and our in-house test jumpers resulted in this superior design. It is the ultimate in riser protection.
Secondary Riser Cover
Even in the highly unlikely event of an external cover opening during freefall, the secondary riser cover makes it impossible for a riser or toggle to escape until the main pin is pulled. The Vector 3 is the only rig on the market to offer this level of riser/toggle security.
Pin Protection
Both the main and reserve pin covers are designed to conform better to the container. This ergonomic design eliminates protruding corners or edges that can catch on door jams, bulkheads, or other such objects. The reserve pin cover utilizes 3 tuck tabs to remain securely in place. None of these tabs are tucked into any of the reserve closing flaps, making it impossible for them to interfere with reserve activation. The main pin cover is part of the #1 closing flap. It tucks up into itself and remains securely closed, even during deployment.
Absolute Zero Bridle Exposure
The Vector 3, configured for BOC or Pull-out deployment, totally eliminates bridle exposure and the need for hook and pile fasteners.
Pocketed Corners
Both the main and reserve pack trays utilize pocketed corners at the bottom of the tray. This serves to insure optimum bag positioning during deployment, helping to protect against bag tumble or spin as it leaves the container. The corners on the main tray also facilitate the ultra secure bridle protection.
Just as is true of all of our containers, the Vector 3 is constructed to exacting standards, using only the finest materials available. Even with nominal care, your Vector 3 will perform faithfully for years. You don't have to look very hard to find Vectors out there with thousands of jumps on them, and lots of life left in them.