* more correctly known as ConforTM or Temperfoam
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ConforTM TEMPERFOAM has been recognized as the BEST seat cushion available for comfort and impact safety since the Apollo Space Program. The real value of TEMPERFOAM is that when sitting in one position TEMPERFOAM will form-fit without the development of pressure points. It is open celled, electrometric, urethane foam that breathes and wicks away body moisture. For this reason it is often used and unexcelled for use in wheelchairs, and because of it's unique ability to absorb shock, it provides an impact safety factor that has no equal! . Temperfoam can be easily cut by a sharp knife or razor (electric kitchen knife works great!) and can be glued to itself with many adhesives for custom shapes but It should always be used with an absorbent breathable cover such as cotton, wool, or polyester.
This is the SAME material used in Parachute pads and in the detachable parachute backpad and custom seat pads designed by Wings & Wheels and made for us by National Parachute Industries.
T-41 Medium density Foam 1" X 16" X 18" $43.00