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Mamba | Pimp Daddy Mindwarp Revolve Havok | All Sport | SIZING MEASUREMENTS CLICK HERE


Refined Sleek Shape For All Types of Skydiving

$215.00,  helmet from Bonehead Composites is now available from your favorite retailer!

Customers all over the world wanted a helmet that was simple, sleek and of course had the quality and design that has made BoneHead Composites famous in the skydiving world.. and we delivered!

The ALL-SPORT features a very simple shell design that is flatter on the left and the right so that camera mounts can be added easier. We took all the best attributes of the Guner and Mindwarp and combined them to make the ALL-SPORT. Internal audible pockets have been integrated into the helmet so that there is no need to build out the sides of the shell to accommodate audibles and still keep the interior comfortable

ALL-SPORT comes standard with BH's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner,
neoprene padded leather FASTEX chin-strap closure.

This chart is only a guide. Some people may have a unique head shape changing what size they need. Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others. 
X-SMALL* under 21.75 inches
SMALL up to 22.5
MEDIUM up to 22.75
LARGE up to 23.25
X-LARGE 23.25 - 23.75
XX-LARGE up to 24ish

  • Replacement Liner padding.

  • L-Bracket Camera Mount.

  • TOP Camera Mount

  • D-Box digital video enclosures.

  • Chin-Cup.

  • Chin-Cup cutaway modification.

Weight:  16oz.

Retail Price: $215.00
base price + color options

WARNING: Please Read!
Bonehead Composites/JFChristopher Inc. has made every attempt to build our products to be as safe as possible. However, Bonehead Composites/JFChristopher Inc. is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained while using our products. The wearer uses our products at their own risk with full knowledge of the risks involved in their activities.


Click here for a complete listing of all BonEHeaD prioducts

The ALL-SPORT is available in standard carbon-fiber gloss finish (shown above) OR for an additional $25.00 you can choose from one of these standard helmet paint colors:

Royal Blue  Teal  Purple  Yellow
Green  White  Red  Silver 
Black Carbon-Fiber Navy Blue  
Please note that the colors shown are purely representational and colors could vary depending on color lots and/or screen settings. If you are concerned about matching a color specifically, please send us a sample with the exact color you want and we will do our best to match it.

The ALL-SPORT is also available with a custom color or almost any other paint scheme you can think of. Since the ability to create a custom helmet is so broad, we suggest that you call for an estimate.
All custom paint schemes other than one color will start at $50.00.

The ALL-SPORT helmet is available in the following sizes:


Click here for a sizing chart to see
what size would be best for you

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