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USED Skydiving Gear

Mirage G4/Crossfire/PD reserve new

Mirage G4/Crossfire/PD reserveMirage G4/Crossfire/PD reserveMirage G4/Crossfire/PD reserveMirage G4/Crossfire/PD reserve
Price: 2600.00 USD
Phone: 978-433-8550
Location: Pepperell, Massachusetts, 01463, United States
Shipping: Buyer Pays Shipping
Crossfire flies perfect, selling this rig for a friend, jumper 5'11", 210 lbs. No AAD, Vigil 2+ (when they become available) New $1200.00 with the sell of the rig.
Manufacturer Type Size/Model Jumps DOM Serial #
Mirage Systems Mirage G4 M3   6/2004 05479
Icarus Canopies Crossfire 2 119 ft² 200 12/2005 96115181
Performance Designs PD Reserve 160 ft² 0 4/2004 031756








Parachute Shop Used Gear Classifieds ...Welcome to the Parachute Shop Used Gear Classifieds! The unique thing about our Gear Classifieds is that everything listed has gone through our complete Inspection and Evaluation by me, a Master Rigger, and the gear is here in the Shop.  The gear is here and when you call my "800" number I will answer your questions. I have a 10 day "no questions asked"  return policy. You can charge the purchase to a major credit card. And if your in the area you can jump the gear (*You might have to pay for an I&R). All this to assure you your getting the gear I described. So give me a call, Don Mayer,  1-800-USA-CHUTE (1-800-872-2488) or donmayer@parachuteshop.com


ESCROW FACILITY SERVICE: For over 15 years Don Mayer at the Parachute Shop has acted as a middleman for the seller and the buyer for used skydiving gear. We hold the buyers money in our escrow account, we receive the sellers equipment for inspection, and if the buyer accepts the transaction, we will hold the gear in our parachute shop and will not release the gear to the buyer until the seller contacts us that they have received payment and tell us to release the gear to the buyer. The buyer has available to them that they can charge the sale on their credit card and the Parachute Shop can then send payment UPS Next Day to the seller. This protects the seller and the buyer. There is absolutely no charge for this service.



TOLL FREE: 1-800-USA-CHUTE (1-800-872-2488)  |  PHONE: 1-978-433-8550  |  FAX: 1-978-433-3264     |     E-MAIL: donmayer@parachuteshop.com
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